Force of Friction

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

A sled pulled out a constant velocity across a horizontal. If a is a horizontal force of 8.0 x 10^1 N is applied at an angle of 53 degrees in the ground. What is the force of friction between the sled and the snow?

2. Relevant equations

I convert the N into grams?
and I have to put it into uh well you know one of those sine..

3. The attempt at a solution

well first I'm so confussed with the problem... eek, can someone please guide me through it?


Why were you thinking in converting "N into grams"?
Do you have any ideia how would you calculate the friction force?

The key word in the problem is |constant velocity|.
Draw a free body diagram, it will help, I promiss.
One more small tiblite of information, all forces are measured in N.
oooh, yeah I got it now. thanks.

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