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Force of Gravity?

  1. Aug 17, 2012 #1
    I started pondering random thoughts earlier today and this was one of them; what is the force of gravity between a proton and electron in a hydrogen atom? Using the equation to find this force (F = G[itex]\frac{}m[itex]_{}1[/itex] * m[itex]_{}2[/itex]{}r[itex]^{}2[/itex][/itex]) I came up with my answer. However I wanted to ensure that my math was correct (and values for that matter) so I came here to ask.

    Mass of a Proton ≈ 1.67 * 10[itex]^{}-27[/itex]kg
    Mass of an Electron ≈ 9.1 * 10[itex]^{}-31[/itex]kg
    Distance ≈ 0.53 * 10[itex]^{}-10[/itex]m

    Knowing that the gravitational constant is 6.667300 * 10[itex]^{}-11[/itex]N-m[itex]^{}2[/itex]/kg[itex]^{}2[/itex] I did the math and came up with ≈ 3.61 * 10[itex]^{}-47[/itex]. Can someone confirm or deny this answer for me, and if it is wrong break down the math so I can get the correct values on my next calculation.

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