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Force on the roof

1. Homework Statement
Dorothy is up on her 10.0m by 12.0m roof enjoying the view of Kansas. Suddenly, a strong wind blows down her ladder, leaving her stranded. She knows that a high wind reduces the air pressure on the roof, and that there is a danger that the atmospheric pressure inside the house will blow the roof off. As the wind reaches a speed of 27.5m/s, she calls to her Auntie Em for help. Calculate the force on the roof.

2. Homework Equations
P2 + (.5)p(v2^2)=P1 + (.5)p(v1^2)

3. The Attempt at a Solution
I have been looking at this problem for awhile now and I'm not to sure on where to start. I know you can find the area of the roof by multiplying the values. Getting you a 120 m^2. I thought maybe you could use the second equation I listed. And since the velocity in the house is 0 you could set P1 = P2 + .5(v2^2)p but I don't know how to find P1 or P2... So I guess I'm just kinda at a loss. Can someone push me in the right direction.
Sorry for the question everyone. I figured out the answer. I was overcomplicating the problem and it was just stressing me out but I took a break and came back and realized it wasn't hard at all.

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