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B Force on the Soccer ball

  1. May 29, 2016 #1
    If i kick a soccer ball, the soccer ball exerts the same force on my foot as i exert of the ball. In that case, why does the soccer ball move at all. If the forces are equal should there be motion. I know it a dumb question but i need some deep explanation. Also can I exert force on something and have the forces be unequal? Or will force always be equal regardless.
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    It's not that deep,
    The soccer ball has a smaller mass than your body does.
    Therefore the force exerted on the soccer ball by you causes the ball to accelerate rapidly.
    The equivalent force applied by the ball to your foot is the same amount but it doesn't accelerate your 'heavier' foot very much.
    (It will be noticeable though.)
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    Thank you bud :D
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