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Homework Help: Force Problem

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    Force Problem (urgent)

    http://maxupload.com [Broken]


    Y: Fnet = 0
    n - wcos40 = 0
    n = wcos40

    X: Fnet = ma
    1N + wsin40 -Fk = ma
    1N + wsin40 -(.2)(wcos40) = ma
    1N + 1.29 - .306 = .2a
    a = 9.9 m/s2

    I am doing it right way. I asked b/c i feel something is wrong......

    Please help its urgent
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    Re: Force Problem (urgent)

    Your approach seems right to me. I noticed you were using g=10m/s2 for the acceleration due to gravity instead of the more correct g=9.8m/s2; is that value what your class is supposed to be using?
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