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Force question

  1. Jan 9, 2005 #1
    Besides its weight, a 2.8kg object is subjected to one other constant force. The object starts from rest and in 1.2s experiences a displacement of (4.2m)i-(3.3m)j, where the direction of j is the upward vertical direction. Determine the other force.

    1. if j is the upward vertial direction, does that mean -(3.3m)j is in the downwards direction?
    2. There is only one force, why does it ask for "the other force."
    3. To find this force, do I just find the acceleration from 0 to the resultant displacement and then multiply that by the mass?
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    Yes,u need to find the acceleration of the body.As a vector.This means finding it's components wrt to the system of axis the problem speaks about.
    There are two forces and one resulting force.The acceleration corresponds tot he resulting force,in agreement with the second principle of dynamics.

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