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Force required to overcome conveyor PLI belt tension?

  1. Sep 5, 2012 #1
    Force required to overcome conveyor PLI belt tension?!?!?

    I'm designing a conveyor. A very large one i might add. The conveyor has 3 rolls, one driven and 2 idlers. (kind of shaped like a right triangle)
    There is of course a belt (103.5" wide) tensioned at 15PLI. So I know that there are 1552.5lbs of tension across the idler face. Side "A" of the roll is fixed with a spherical roller bearing while side "B" also has a spherical roller bearing but that bearing is mounted on a linear bearing and guide. This is going to allow tram adjustment of the roll to steer the conveyor belt if it decides to walk off.
    My concern is determining the amount of force required to HOLD, PUSH, and PULL side "B" of the roll. Given the values I know above, what formula/formulas do I need?
    Am I making this much more complicated than it really is???
    Please help!!
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