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Homework Help: Force vs. Acceleration Graph

  1. Sep 23, 2015 #1
    I have a graph of force vs. acceleration of a kart on a a ramp that i manually pushed back and forth with my hand.

    The mass of the the kart is .6485kg and when i did the linear fit it said that slope of the graph was .5586N/m/s^2 and the intercept .2097 N

    My question is would i see the mass of the kart represented in both the slope and the intercept or just the slope?

    I know the F=ma and in a perfect setting with not other forces the intercept should be 0.
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    my linear equation would be Force = .5586N/m/s^2(a) + .2097N
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    You should offer your own opinion first.
    How do you interpret the nonzero intercept?
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