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Force vs Time Graph

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    A 2.0kg object initially at rest at the origin is subjected to a time-varied force. What is the objects velocity at 4 seconds?

    The Graph
    For the first two seconds there is a force of 6.0N. The the force decreases linearaly to 0N at 4 seconds. How do I find the velocity of the object at 4.0 seconds?

    I got the velocity at 2 seconds by using F=ma and solving for a:


    With that acceleration I then found:


    I just don't know how to get the rest.
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    Hello? Anyone out there?:smile:
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    Use F=ma again.

    But this time F is a function of time, so the eqn becomes,

    F(t) = ma

    However, in this case, it is a fairly simple application. The accelerating force is decreasing linearly, so all you have to do is just take the average value of F, over the last 2 secs, in place of F(t).:smile:
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    Thanks buddy!
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