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Forces and pressure in conveyor-like system

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    A belt filter press is designed to drive water from solids sandwiched between a belt pair by moving this belt pair around a series of rollers of decreasing diameter, as shown in this picture:

    http://www.water-wastewater-treatment.com/belt-press.gif [Broken]

    The separation result (the quantity of water removed) depends very much of the pressure on the water-solids-mixture between the belts. My aim is to analyse the differnent forces on these belts, in order to be able tho calculate the pressure in the mixturne, and this for each of the rollers.

    As I see it, this pressure will depend very much of the wrap angle of the belts around a roller. I suppose the forces on the belts get stronger as this wrapping angle increases, but the resulting pressure should decrease as contact area increases. i'm hoping tho find an optimal configuration for the pressure rollers, in order to gradualy increase the pressure as the belt pair moves over the rollers (decreasing diameter???) towards the end of the high pressure zone or shear zone.

    I have beel looking on the net for conveyer forces analysis, but multi-roller sytems are very rarely mentionned. I have also found a very promising article title: 'method development report: Belt filter press high pressure section - mechanical analysis (1989)' by RL Peterson, but I can't get hold of a copy of the article itself.

    Perhaps anyone could help me out, or give a least some hints on where to look...
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