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Homework Help: Forces and resultant force?

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    A heavy beam is located on two supports, so that there are 3 forces acting on it.

    The beam is in an equilibrium.
    There are two forces on top pulling it up and one force pulling it down.
    The two forces are on each side and the one on its own on the bottom is in the middle pulling down.

    Am I right when I choose C?

    (A). All forces are equal in value.
    (B). The forces are in one direction and their turning effects are in the opposite direction.
    (C). The resultant force is zero and the resultant turning effects are zero.
    (D). The total upward force is twice the total downward force.

    Im pretty sure I am right but Im just checking.
    Thank you!!!
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    Doc Al

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    Sounds good to me.
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    Thank you!
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