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Forces at an angle to a Level Arm

  1. Nov 17, 2006 #1
    The uniform beam weighs 500 N and supports 700N at its end. Find the tension in the tie rope and the force on the beam. The tie rope is 1.2 m away from the beam and the ball is 1.8 m away from the tie rope.

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    Find the verticle force of the tie rope and set it acting at 1.2 m (use a variable since this is what you are trying to determine). You can assume the weight of the beam is 500 N acting at the middle of the bar, you can find the middle by adding the lengths on the two sides of where the rope is tied and dividing by two. The 700 N acts at the end of the length. Now you can do a moment around the end of the beam against the wall.

    Keep in mind the force you will find from the above steps is only the verticle force of the rope, you will need to use trigonometry and the angle you are given to find the actual tension.
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