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Homework Help: Forces Homework help?

  1. Nov 4, 2008 #1
    Hey there. I'm new here and I wasn't exactly sure where to put this thread so please don't yell at me or anything if I'm wrong. :] So for my physical science class I have the following questions and I need a bit of help on it.

    1. Explain using the terms heat, molecules, speed, pressure, fluid why a shower curtain sometimes "attacks" you.

    My answer:
    A shower curtain sometimes attacks you because as you heat the shower up, you increase the speed of the air and decrease the pressure. When this happens, the molecules move faster and get farther apart which allows room for the shower curtain to pull through.

    I wasn't sure where to stick the word, "fluid" in there though.

    2. Explain why friction between fluids is always less than friction between solids.

    My answer: Friction between fluids is always less than friction between solids because fluids are smoother which causes it to have less friction than solids.

    Thanks in advance :]
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    I suppose you could mention fluid by stating that as the air heats up, the pressure causes the fulid to "siphon/create a vacuum" (sorry for lack of better words) the surrounding air. This creates an imbalance of pressures on each side of the shower curtain where the outside pressure is greater thus pushing it inwards.
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