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Homework Help: Forces in 2-d

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    if an object is in equilibrium, then which of the following must be true?

    (i know net force has to be 0, forces are balanced, and acceleration is 0. it doesnt always mean it is at rest. i think theres still one or two more "must be trues" in the list.)

    a. all individual forces acting upon the object are equal in magnitude.

    b. the net force is 0 N.

    c. the force of gravity is equal to the normal force.

    d. the forces are balanced.

    e. the acceleration is 0 m/s/s

    f. the object is at rest

    g. the velocity (whether zero or non-zero) is constant.

    h. the velocity is changing.
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    Looks like you got all but one: given that the acceleration is 0 and the definition of acceleration is the rate of change of velocity, you know that the rate of change of the velocity is zero (in other words, the velocity does not change (is constant)).
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    And you might want to delete one of your threads. You made two of the exact same question.
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