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Homework Help: Forces in Equilibrium - Torque

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    A painter weighing 875N stands on a plank 3.0m long, which is supported
    at each end by a stepladder. The plank weighs 223N. If the man stands 1.0m from one end of the plank, what force is exerted by each stepladder?

    ANSWER: 694.8N ; 403.2N -> (ans provided by my hand-outs)

    1. how to solve?
    2. does dis have a pivot point pls help...

    Thank you very much 4 helping...
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    Please show what you've tried. That's the rule you've agreed to when you registered to physicsforums.

    If you have no idea what to do, I stongly suggest reading the relevant chapters from your physics book.

    Start by drawing a diagram.
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    cant realy understand...
    the only example the teacher gave 2 me was..
    the seesaw thingy & the equilibrium
    can u gve me a hint plss...

    does dis have to do about torque or static equilibrium...
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