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Homework Help: Forces on a slope

  1. Mar 1, 2008 #1
    A 3 kg mass is moving along a frictioless surface at 17 m/s. It then reaches a slope and starts up it. The slope has an angle of 10º and a small amount of friction. What is the coefficient of friction on the slope if the block slides 4.5 m up the slope before stopping?

    m=3 kg
    v(i)=17 m/s
    v(f)=0 m/s
    d=4.5 m




    I can't seem to determine the F(net) equation. I also can't figure out why V(i) and d would be provided if they aren't a necessary part of the F(kf)=(mu)(kf)F(N). Any help making sense of this problem would be great.
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    Shooting Star

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    Upward along the plane, the force ma = -mgsin(theta) - u*mgcos(theta). After the m cancels out, it's a matter of simple kinematics and vi and d are both needed.
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    i believe what star* says is right. im just here to tell you if you need basics for kinematics, visit my blog!
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