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Forces on a spinning disk

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    I would like to be able to calculate the forces on a spinning disk to determine the rpm it will fly apart given its dimensions and the mechanical properties of the material it's made of. I understand centripital and centrifugal forces. However, I'm not understanding how I to set up the problem to calculate the forces that would go beyond the yield strength of the material. Suggestions, ideas, formulas? Thanks for the help.
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    It's a good question that, fortunately, has been well studied.

    I am not competent enough to give you a direct answer, but I do know that Googling the term "flywheels" will present to you many hours of interesting info.

    One "obvious" note: high rpm disks are extremely dangerous due to their instability/fragmentation potential which CAN RESULT IN A LETHAL ENVIRONMENT.

    Treat this subject with considerable respect of the potential hazards should you wish to experiment with it.

    Anyway, googling flywheels will give you some great info.
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    There was actually recently a post regarding this same thing. If you cannot find it here, do a google for "Disk Burst", which will help you calculate the radial and circumferential forces generated by spinning.
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    Thanks much. I'll try that.
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