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Forces on a spring

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    Ok so heres my problem...

    A force F causes a spring with spring constant of 150N/m to compress by 2 cm. Determine the force exerted by and the potential energy of the spring (obv. p=mgh) before and after compression.

    Determine the frequency period of the oscillation of a 100g mass oscillating on the spring.

    So basically I cant find any similar questions in my textbook and none of my answers seems plausible. You guys are my last resort!!!! :L:D
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    What do you mean "force exerted by PE of spring"? It seems as though you only need Hooke's law here for the force.

    For the 2nd one, it's pretty straightforward. There should be a formula for period/frequency in your text for SHM.
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    the first part i can do no problem.. the second part i keep getting answers that look way out.. formula i had was t=2(pie)/w which i think was ok.. but w was a problem as i couldnt get a correct answer when i used a=w2s
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