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Forces on Scooter

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    I am trying to design an electric scooter, in a lot of ways similar to link below:

    For an all electric vehicle , I am guessing stance 1 would be similar to braking, and stance 2 would be for an accelerating vehicle's frame of reference.

    I am trying to figure out what percentage of body weight goes onto the handle. Assuming the CG is approx the same height as the handle holding position? Can any one help me understand the forces and make an FBD, I will post my FBD soon.

    Thanks in advance.
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    For design purposes I would assume that the handlebar needs to be able to support the person's entire weight plus some safety factor, say maybe 20%. This would ensure that even in the worst case of a person leaning on the bars they would not be damaged.
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    Oh, I never thought of that


    I just plucked some data from above link. As in max push force a person can apply is 225N/23kgf. If I consider a persons weight, that will be easily 80-100 kgs, plus 20% as you suggested.

    Thank you for the suggestion.
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