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Homework Help: Forces on tractor and scraper

  1. Oct 26, 2004 #1
    Hi i have this problem in forces could someboady tell me how to do it

    a tractor and scraper units.The tractor weighing 60KN acts at G1.The scraper with the load weighs 40 KN and acts at Gs.

    a)Draw the force vector on the tractor and scraper .
    b)determine the reactions at eache of the four wheel .

    please look at the figure

    http://idawani.jeeran.com/4%20002.GIF [Broken]

    I have also onther problem to slove:http://idawani.jeeran.com/1.GIF [Broken]

    the problem needs needs(1) too draw the forces on the lever ACB(2)In the situation above,if the opreator applies a force of 100N on the handle at A , calculate the sizeof the total force applied to the can at D.
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