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Homework Help: Forces question HELP!

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    When you lift a bowling ball with a force of 82 N, the ball accelerates upward with an acceleration a. If you lift with a force of 99 N, the ball's acceleration is 8 x a.
    (a) Find the weight of the bowling ball.
    (b) Find the acceleration a.

    Ok, i found part (a), which is 78.48 N. Now, on part (b) why wouldn't the acceleration be 99 N/ 8 kg, which is 12.37 m/s2???? :confused:
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    Doc Al

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    What's the net force on the ball?
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    Did you forget that you have to lift with the weight of the ball just to get it moving at all? The force in "F= ma" is 99N- mg.

    As usual, Doc Al got there before me!
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