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Homework Help: Forces question with an angle

  1. Oct 10, 2012 #1
    a hotel guest starts to pull an armchair across a horizontal floor by exerting a force of 91 N (15 DEGREES ABOVE HORIZONTAL). The normal force exerted by the floor on the chair is 221 N. The acceleration is 0.076 meter/second^2(fwd). determine the mass of the chair.

    the answer is 25 kg but i dont noe how to do it. What do u do when u hve an FN and an FAPP. pllzzz help
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    Simon Bridge

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    Start by drawing a free body diagram
    - what are the forces on the chair?
    - how is the weight of the chair related to it's mass?
    - what is the sum of the vertical forces on the chair?
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