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Homework Help: Force's Rotational and Translational influences

  1. Jul 25, 2010 #1
    How would i find how a force such as a rocket engine would add rotational and translational momentum to an object, supposing i know the distance perpendicular to the direction of the force. I also know the mass of the object, the velocity and spin of the object, and the energy of the force acting upon the object.

    My attempt
    My first attempt was to use the perpendicular distance: P and multiply it by the force F divided by the mass M. This would give me a very crude rotational amount, however it could easily lead to problems if P was too big and then the rotational force would go beyond the actual amount of energy in the system.

    I eventually got to something like this:
    Turn = (1 - 1 / P) * 10 * (F / M^1.4)
    Forward = (F / M) - (P * 2 * pi) * (Turn / 360)

    Which approximates it OK
    however this still seems to be far off and i would appreciate it if someone could explain a more precise but not necessarily complex way to solve it.
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