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Automotive Ford 429 Engine Question

  1. Feb 4, 2012 #1
    mechanical engineers
    i looked at wikipedia article
    they don't quite answer the question.
    the one you'd ask if you saw this engine at
    a machine shop or car show.
    what's going on with those valve covers/heads?

    Have A Nice Day!

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    At first glance I would say it's a hemi based on the position of the spark plug. What is it exactly that you want to know?
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    super nova
    just to get 'the word' on this engine.
    somebody that knows them inside out.
    i do know it shows coming out in '68.
    word was in our mopar camp
    Ford pulled the plug big time on
    high performance in '71.
    if i came out with line of engines in
    '68 and got hit with new smog guidelines
    in '70 i'd be not happy either.

    Have A Nice Day!
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    2 mile high
    is there a version with those heads
    that can be had for reasonable money?
    like getting a 460 out of a motorhome idea.
    no more guessing for me.
    what's the used market like to get one of these?

    Have A Nice Day!
  7. Feb 4, 2012 #6
    2 mile high
    about pic's.
    i like the first pic.
    clap clap clap.
    second pice.
    what's he been doing with that motor?:smile:
    i haven't seen many heads the look like that.

    Have A Nice Day!
  8. Feb 4, 2012 #7
    Those are boss heads - a quick look at ebay shows those heads at ~4 to 6 thousand dollars.
  9. Feb 4, 2012 #8
    2 mile high
    i'm sensing your clamming up on me.
    that must be one of your heads.
    while this is a 429 post let me ask somebody.
    anything racy or worthwhile about a 460?
    any 429 features sort of drift over to the 460?

    Have A Nice Day!
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    Please start using capitalization and separating your posts into statements that make sense. I'm interested in mechanics, and your posts are intriguing at times, but pathetic and not worth the time to sort out because they are illegible to anybody not into txt speak. Please do us all a favor and start putting an effort into composing them. I know that I'm an old cranky fart, but old cranky farts might actually be your best resources when you think about exploiting old auto-technology. :tongue:
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    The Boss 429 heads have rotated & canted valves. It is a TOTALLY differeny beast than the regular 429 wedge. Rare engine indeed. The basic 429 only ran from 1968 until 1972 when smog regulations came into concern Ford discontinued it. However, industrial applications kept using the 429ci displacement. The 460 and 429 were debuted in the same year, one is larger because it was designed for the Lincolns IMO.

    The differerence between the 429 & the 460 is stroke length. 429 - 3.590" , 460 - 3.850" I prefer a 460 myself, but with the shorter stroke, you should be able to go a little quicker when accelerating.
  12. Feb 5, 2012 #11
    We just put 429 heads on the 460.
  13. Feb 5, 2012 #12
    Your sense is wrong - I have never owned a Ford.
  14. Feb 5, 2012 #13

    jim hardy

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    could it be one of these?

    a big y-block sohc hemi ?


  15. Feb 6, 2012 #14
    stopping to capitalize slows down my flow of ideas.
    ( there, that ought to keep him, but i don't think so ):smile:
    fahlin racing
    nice to hear from you again.
    i found out what Boss or Cobra Jet or Super Cobra Jet ( whatever they're called )
    429 heads are, they're off the table.
    i can buy a lot of really neat stuff for 6 grand.
    i'm asking if they're are any good features on the regular
    (wedge?) 429 and 460 heads?
    howler monkey
    regular 429 heads or big valve cover ones?
    2 mile high
    this is fun.
    it's not getting my question answered, but i'll play.
    i'm sensing your clamming up on me.
    jim hardy
    no and no.
    if you want one.
    it's been reissued as a crate motor.
    you'd be the only big kid on your block with one!
    when you see the price, you'll know why.:smile:
    pic shows what engine was intended for.
    that's young don prudhomme in pic.

    Have A Nice Day!

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    Jargon makes posts hard to follow, even if you are familiar with the subject matter.
    Poorly formatted jargon is much worse. It's a forum, it's not in real time, you can write your thoughs and format them afterwards.
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  17. Feb 6, 2012 #16
    I can take criticism.
    Yeah, i guess i do think we're all standing
    around looking at pair of heads on workbench,
    in this situation.
    I'll work on it.

    Have A Good Day!
  18. Feb 6, 2012 #17
    Boss, Cobra Jet are different models. I am not sure if the 429 or if it was the 428 had a model Thunder jet.

    Still being tough times, I am not sure what you have as selection for hreads anymore if you go iron factory heads. D3VE heads (460) should be out there for low price unless people have cashed them in for scrap. The C8 castings are what you want if you can get them. Stay away from the D2 heads as their chambers are too big (100CC give or take) to really get usuable power and good combustion. I grab up the D3VE heads when I can. Unless you use domed pistons to fill the chamber as much as you can then maybe the D2 castings may work if you know what you are doing as far as chamber modifications. Look at the exhaust ports, you will see what is needed to help flow out of the cylinder, No need to touch the intake side for street applications.

    If you find efi 460 heads, they will not work with the carbureted intakes or exhaust manifolds because of bolt pattern differences.
  19. Feb 6, 2012 #18
    Take two of these and write to me in the morning
  20. Feb 6, 2012 #19
    fahlin racing
    in your opinion are the 429-460 heads on a par
    with Chrysler 383-440 and GM 396-454 heads?
    basically ok but nothing to right home about?

    2 mile high
    i'll take that as a jibe and not jibe back at you
    so it's not misunderstood.

    Have A Nice Day!
  21. Feb 6, 2012 #20
    Well, that all depends on what castings you get. Pre smog heads are desirable. The D3VE smog heads are the most desirable up until 1986. I could not tell you what EFI heads are desirable though 1987 to 1999. Chryslers 440 lasted up to 1978 in regular passenger vehicles, a couple years more they were used in RVs I believe.

    Between the Chevy, Chrysler and Ford BBs each era of castings have different characteristics so depending on what you have for an application, you could pick and choose. Anything from the factory can be improved somewhat. Depends if the castings have what is known as core shift when they are being poured. The big displacement engines usually have more meat within the casting around the ports etc as far as the american V8s go which helps. Fords 385 series engines always had large intake ports. Chevy BB engines have small and large ports. Not too sure on Chrysler's though.

    Each engine family of Ford has a different valve cover bolt count and shape. The FT & FE series engines are the only ones that share the exact same valve covers. If you want to see a small version of the 385 series heads look at the 335 series engines. The Boss 302 used the design as well, although different just like the 351C Boss and the 429 Boss. Each engine has a similar head. Makes the top end of a SBC look like a runt compared to the 302Boss or basic 351C.

    I don't think 460s ever came with a 2V carb either, probably the same about the 429. I have been dusting off my brain cells to get this info out lol. I need to work on my engine database some more since my last one was lost when my other computer crashed. I had 2+ years into it, it was a bummer when it went bye bye.
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