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Ford FOCUSing On Engines

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    There have been lengthy delays on Ford's first hybrid car (The Escape). There was news about Ford offering a Focus Hybrid to the public, but with an engine like that, is it neccesary?

    Honda and Toyota have a strong hold on Hybrid technology as far as compact sedans go.

    The Duratec Engine by the description, is both environmentally friendly and powerful. Kind of like Honda's 1.7-liter VTEC, which is fuel-efficient, but has 117-hp.
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    Who needs an eco friendly car when I can drive a lamborghini that gets 9 gallons to the mile with 5 to 6 times the horsepower then that puny honda.
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    That's if you have the extra $300,000 to spare on a Lamborghini.
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    Good Point ! :wink:
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    For the money, the Ford Focus isn't a bad performing car at all. In fact, it's quite the opposite. The Ford Focus has made the Car & Driver Top 10 List for a few years now, a title worth touting.
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    The Aston Martin would be better.
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