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Foreign langauge requirement

  1. Feb 28, 2016 #1
    I am going to a community college for MET and I want to change my major to Physics. I have 16 art credits and they will accept all of them for the associates degree, but they warned me that UMass needs 2 semesters of a foreign language. Is this typical of all four year schools for a physics/engineering (could I just shop around for a different four year school in my area)? Would UMass still accept me as a transfer student, but not accept my art classes and make me take a foreign langauge?

    I'm super confused on this. Until I have a better understanding, it's holding me back from wanting to switch my major to Physics. Thanks in advance.
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    Beats me. You can check with someone at UMass about your particular situation.

    Not all colleges have a foreign language requirement. In fact, I think only a few still do. While that may have been different in the past, things have changed over the years, and many colleges dropped that requirement. It is certainly not required for obtaining a bachelor's degree in engineering according to ABET.
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    Thank you. I will attempt to contact all local 4 year schools and find one that doesn't require a foreign langauge.

    In your personal opinion, should I do Physics over MET? My initial plan was to knock out an associates in MET (not a bachelors, that would be a waste of time), then start all over with engineering/physics. I have 16 art credits and 14 MET credits. At precalc level for math.
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    If you decide to switch to physics, be advised that the math you will be required to take will heavily emphasize calculus and differential equations at a minimum. In order to find decent employment as a physicist, you will probably have to not only do well as a physics undergrad, but you will probably need to study for a post-graduate degree as well, probably a doctorate.
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    Really? You are deciding your major on the basis of a two-semester elective requirement? Maybe you could look at the language requirement as an opportunity instead of a burden?
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    yes, I work full time. I already have scattered credits and I'm from any kind of degree. Thanks for the comment tthough
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    Schools normally put this information on their web sites.
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    It is common to require a year of a foreign language for any four year degree. It is a general education requirement at many universities.
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