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Forever Exist (edit)

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    Im sorry i had to post this a third time but apparently the last 2 didn't go through and i am unable to delete them. Admins, if you would remove them i would appreciate it. Thank you. No worries!

    Ok i read the religious guidelines and i think this falls under them but if not feel free to remove it.

    What im about to say assumes that you believe in a God and that that God is all knowing, all powerfull, and exists in the past present and future. Such is what i believe ( i am a Christian). So here goes some thought on that.

    If God exist in the past present and future, considering time is meaningless to Him, doesn't that mean that you never die. If he is living in the past as well as the present and in the future, then technically you never are totally erradicated from this earth. Yes you may die in the future but you are still alive in the past. Of course you can consider that Einstein's theories only allow time to flow in one direction, but that would limit God and therefore he wouldn't be God, so he doesn't abide by those laws. So do you forever exist?
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    I hold that death does not exist as a "thing", thus as you say, the statement "you never die" makes sense to me, we all just reach a future state called "lack of life". And, does not the memory of Moses still exist today ? Yet, clearly Moses did not exist before he was born, thus no, he did not in fact exist forever, so your argument is falsified, "you" do not forever exist. But, I find that none of this has anything to do with God, for Moses still exists tomorrow in my mind, even if God is dead.
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    if you are considering God in the picture.. then yes moses did exist because God allready existed in the future. So for a timeless being, such as God, then everyone exists at all times..
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    well from God's perspective, then yes ur right. because he has limitless memory and therefore can remember us forever. because he exist forever in all the times that have ever existed. but from our perspective we definately don't exist forever because we don't have the ability to do what God does.
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