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Forged Bosonic System = Photon?

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    http://mywebpage.netscape.com/drsyedameen1/index.html [Broken]

    Check it out. States that a 2 particle assembly (tachyons [ignoron] +charged particle) form an entangled quantum state, which is then known to us as the photon.

    Thoughts and ideas?
    Paden Roder
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    The good doctor is rather well known to many members of this forum; check out the superstringtheory.com forum.

    Should you wish to investigate further, here's a few things you might check:
    - gravitational deflection and gravitational lensing (ignoron idea cannot explain the observations, as (in this idea) photons are unaffected by large masses, even black holes)
    - nature of gamma rays (Dr A has stated that they are electrons)
    - quantatitive predictions (if you find even one ignoron formula, do let us know!)
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    Physic Of Ignorons:new Frontiers In Science



    Gravitational deflections and Gravitational lensings are explainable by ignorons theory.As we see the analogous case of neutrinos which are also like ignorons.The gravity only acts on objects within certain velocity magnitudes beyond that gravitational effects are neutralized.One can not ride a bicycle with zero velocity,since gravity is highly effective to pull the masss down to stable position(inertia).But when bike is ran with some velocity it can sustain its speed.Ignorons are very high frequency like entities with gigantic energies and when establish union with any freed charged particles its velocity lowers down to sustain a lower momenta compatiable to those of freed charged particles.

    The Gravitational lensing is due to the deviations in permeabilities and permitivities of media thru which the photons pass.Ignorons do not show any affinity to react with most of the matter(environment or media),except specificity to freed charged particles.So photons as two body entangled quantum states might show lensing effect(depending on wavelengths),while ignorons alone do not.Did some one showed the Lensing of X-rays?One need a lens made of material with which there is some quantum mechanical interaction involved.But the bond lengths of mater mostly is related to observe any such effects,if the bonds are shorter than x-rays they might not show interactions of some kind but if bigger(wave lengths) x-ray would not just sieve out unhindered or altered.In the same way ignorons are ,they show not interactions with most of the matter.In supperstring theory,once a scientist half-wittingly raised such question to show his snobbishness but when pushed to think he back down,not replying.

    Thus PHYSIICS OF IGNORONS has opened up a new frontier in science and physics and ushers in new thinking to reform the quantum field theory and deflect much of the fiasco created by Einstein freaks of relativity scenario,which do not explain why photon has spin one,and why photon is massless with its relativistic velocity?Photon become time invariant does not provide the answer but gives mathematical fudgging.According to Relativity Photon mass should increase at relativistic velocity in reality if relativity is true.However mathematical fudging introduces concept of time invariance there to honor Einstein not science in reality.In physics I ask :"What is a Measure of Reality?".

    The Ignorons + freed charged particle with spins 1/2 + 1/2 = 1,and the entangled quantum states of two particle system create analogous to meisner effect ,a levitation state induced in the two particle assebley due to cooperativity of some unknown nature between the ignorons and freed charged particles like electron,proton,etc.It will be of interest to explore what kind of forced bosonic fields are involved in causing the electric annd magnetic fields in this two particle quantum entanglement to make levitation as masslessness is incorporated into the particle system.

    Dr.Syed Ameen (Ph.D.)


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    The latest neutrinos observed Oscillations reported in "Nature" has vindicated Dr.Syed Ameen's New Theory of PHOTON as comprised of FTL Particles named IGNORONS plus a freed or liberated charged particle.


    The neutrinos findings by UCI group's Henry Sobel and David Casper in forth coming issue of Physics Review Letters, is interpreted as the IGNORONS in action.This is an exciting development which would shattere the existing concepts on formation of Matter.
    In his new theory of "rediscovery of Photons and Dark Matter quantum Physics" ,see:

    http://mywebpage.netscape.com/drsyedameen1/index.html [Broken]

    the mechanism of the Origin and Nature of photon was described first time as an union,of two particles in an ENTANGLED QUANTUM STATE,which is know to us as Photon.Thus a photon is a union of a liberated charge like electron or proton etc. with spin 1/2 and an IGNORON (FTL- particle).Thus a FORCED FORGED BOSONIC TRANSFORMATION OF FERMION occurs,changing the spin of two body assembly into spin one photon.As Sobel and Casper recorded(Super Kamiokande experiments) that neutrinos have mass and they change their states from one type to another.Actually what they are observing is the IGNORONS THEORY IN ACTION.Neutrinos fall into the category of IGNORONS PHYSICS.Thus neutrinos are also forming possibley by ignorons interaction of specific nature with specific liberated charges in space,thus their quantum states are subject to changes.This is in agreement with Ignorons theory where the total momenta of two bodies (ignoron + liberated charged particle)produce Entangled Quantum state of a certain frequency which is observed as Photons of certain frequencies to us.
    Like neutrinos are electrically neutral and have great penetration power or show least interaction with matter, IT IS analogous of Ignorons physics.

    I wish Eric Weinberge of editorial board of Physics reviews wake up from his slummbering existence on editorial board to embrace the newer concepts which might shake up his relativistic economization of human intelligence and thinking power.

    Theory of Ignorons is vindicated, what was started in several postings in the last few years at forum discussions at the website:


    now seems to be coming to an age of enlightenment,thus long ignored and delayed by fanatic wisdom,over shadowed by pandits of confusion-dynamics, smeared over the minds of scientists',fields of physics see some direction to go forward again unrelativistically secured and sound.

    Dr.Syed ameen(Ph.D.)

    e-mail: dr_syed_ameen2000@yahoo.com
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