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Homework Help: Forgeting things I learned

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    Hello I am in first year college and I forgot most of the geometry / trigonometry and some algebra I remember calculus related trig ,algebra and calculus itself of course . I am looking for an efficient method to remember geometry mostly and some of the algebra I forgot I mean I couldn't help my young friends do their homework because I forgot most of the basics anyone had this experience? I think if I can't remember them then my 12 years in math were useless so I am using online resources but I am also looking for good sets of books which cover all mathematics covered from middle grade to high school especially geometry. Any ideas or other suggestions?
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    From my experience, the best thing I could recommend is continuing to try and help your 'younger friends' or volunteer to tutor younger people in math. 'The best way to learn is to teach.' These things will come back to you.

    Besides that (and maybe before doing that) just pick up textbooks and do problems until you feel comfortable with it again.

    Having taught math to both people who learned it and forgot it, and to people who never learned it--trust me, there is a big difference, it was not all to waste.
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    Can you recommend a good text book for me that is rigorous ?
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    One of the main reasons why I help with homework :smile:
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