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Forklift problem

  1. Mar 5, 2005 #1
    I attached the problem and diagram.

    This problem has been bothering me a bit. A friend of mine told me I could solve for the stopping distance by just looking at the crate.
    I got
    x: [tex]\mu*N_w = M*a[/tex]
    y: [tex]N_w-W_w=0[/tex]
    and from this got

    I used the acceleration and given inital velocity of 10 ft/s and final velocity of 0 ft/s and solved for the stopping distance through


    Assuming I approached this correctly, I wasn't sure how to check if it doesn't tip. I thought that I could just take the moment about a point and solve for [tex]N_B[/tex], I did

    [tex]\sum M_A=N_B*7-W_G*4+W_W*3-a*3=0[/tex]
    and got

    [tex]N_B=210.15[/tex] lbs. [tex]\therefore[/tex] it does not tip

    Is that right? I also was wondering if I have to consider frictional force in the moment equation.
    Thanks in advance.

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