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Formation of a S+ cation

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    Is it feasible to form a S+ cation?

    Goin on the basis that the electronic configuration is 1s2,2s2,2p6,3s2,3p4

    the valence electrons would be 3s2 and 3p4. So i'm thinking that it would be relatively easy to remove the 4th electron in the p subshell

    BUT looking at the 6 valence electrons on the whole, with the sole purpose of any atom being to form a stable octet then would it lose an electron as opposed to gaining 2 in order to form the octet?

    Please help me out...
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    Try to analyze ionization energy and electron affinity.

    Generally speaking it is always possible to ionize an atom and produce +1 cation in vacuum, question is, will it survive contact with other elements/ions/molecules?
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