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Formation of planets

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    can anyone tell me how planets form and how we know that life can only exist in an environment where there is liquid water. is it possible that we only know how to observe or measure lifeforms we have previously encountered?:confused:
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    We don't know for sure and your logic is correct. It has been speculated that life could be based on liquid methane in the outer planets/moons. There are, however, some special characteristics of water and carbon that make them *apparently* ideal as a basis for life. Carbon's electrical structure allows it to form multiple bonds and complex molecules. Water is an unusually good solvent.
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    If a very big chunk of Magnetic Material like a Load Stone the size of an Asteroid passes by any magnetic material the Load Stone Asteroid will grow
    Magnetically until it's field susceptibility becomes to weak to influence Materials so it's growth will slow as its field gets weaker, But as the Asteroid gets bigger it's Gravity grows and its volume size while in motion begins to collect materials on a different basis, Lots of factors determine the growth of a new born Planet, But when it is very small, It would depend more on its Magnetic Influence to collect material.

    We could Send a Giant NIB (Neo/Iron/Boron) Magnet the size of a House out into space and it would begin growing into an Asteroid, Then a Planet, Depending on how much available material is around will depend on its growth factor.

    Sending a Giant NIB Magnet into the Asteroid belt could allow Asteroids to collect onto the NIB Magnet and increase its Potential Planetary Growth much faster than normal.

    It does seem that a bodies Magnetism does play a major roll in determining how fast it will become a planet, Then as it grows, The Size and Gravity and Random luck of running into an area with Mass Dust and Materials takes over, There may be other factors involved.

    NIB Magnets are very Powerful, In space a NIB Magnet would have a lot of influence.
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