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Homework Help: Formation of products is strongly favoured in the acid-base system

  1. May 23, 2005 #1
    The formation of products is strongly favoured in the acid-base system:

    HX + B- <--- HB + X-

    a) Identify the bases competing for protons.
    b) Which base is stronger?
    c) Which is the weaker acid, HX or HB?
    d) Does the K for this system have a large or small value?
    e) How is the equilibrium affected by the addition of the soluble salt at NaB?

    Any help be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Is this a forward and reverse reaction? e.g:

    [tex]HX + B^- \rightleftharpoons HB + X^-[/tex]

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    yes it is. Sorry, didn't know how to put it in properly.
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    Fair enough. If you want to use LaTex Math Type setting then go here to learn what is what. :smile:

    Let us start with question a then. What is the definition of a base?

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