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Formatting in X11 Terminal

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    I'm using an iMac with X11 terminal and wanted to know how (and if) I can change the font size to be a littler larger and also whether it's possible to change the background from white to a pale yellow? Thank-you!

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    D H

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    You can use control right click to bring up a font selection popup. AFAIK, you can't change the background on the fly. You'll have to do that when you fire up your xterm:

    xterm -bg lightyellow -cr lightyellow -fg black

    You can also specify the default font in the xterm command via the -fn option.
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    Thanks, I tried -fn arial and it didnt like it much though, which fonts are available?
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    D H

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    xlsfonts lists all of the fonts available. The list is rather large. See below.

    xfontsel lets you narrow down a font. You have to know a bit about fonts are specified to make sense of this and to use the outputs.

    You probably want a fixed-size font for a terminal. Try

    xlsfonts | grep '^[0-9]'

    This will give a list of fixed-size fonts in terms of pixel width X height.
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