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Formatting posts

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    Can someone explain to me how to format math so it will be readable in a post? My post is written in a Microsoft Word doc file with MathType objects. I can convert the MathType to a lot of different formats. I have tried several but when I Preview the post all the formatting stuff is printed out literally instead of being interpreted as formatting instructions.
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    Use an ASCII text editor like Notepad or Textpad. From Word, one needs to post text in rtf, or somehow as text-only.

    Equations to be done in LateX.
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    Best I can suggest is to save a copy of the Word document as plain text, then use MathType to export all the equations to LaTeX, and finally paste the LaTeX code into the plain text version. Wrap each equation inside PF's [ tex ] and [ /tex ] tags. (Remove the spaces inside the brackets. I had to add them so PF wouldn't interpret them as actual tags.)

    When I want to write a post offline, I use a simple text editor, TextEdit on Mac OS, configured to create plain text documents by default. I've occasionally used MathType to create equations in LaTeX format, but I've learned enough LaTeX that it's usually quicker for me to write it by hand.
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    Thanks, that worked.
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