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Formatting the hard drive.

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    hi everyone,
    I am having problems with my computer. It started beeing slow and then when I turned it on the other day an error message came up when loading windows that a file is corrupted and that I need to reinstall the windows Me.
    Tried to install it and half way getting another error message regarding the hard drive and kept stopping and asking to restart the installation. Tried a couple of times and the same thing hapened. I am thinking to Format the hard drive(delete everything) and re install windows Me again.
    Does anyone know how to format the driver? Or does anyone have any opinion as to what I should do?
    thanks for your help.
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    The Windows installer should give you an option to format the hard drive as part of the installation.

    I also strongly recommend you use a version of Windows later than Me, because Me is extremely buggy.

    - Warren
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    My opinion is that you should install linux. I have a computer that Windows 98 will crash on either during the install or a few minutes after the first boot up after an installation. It is an alleged hard drive problem (if it crashes during installation ) or an alleged video driver problem (if it crashes after bootup ). However I found a fabulously less expensive http://fedora.redhat.com [Broken] system that, wonder of wonders, does not have these problems.
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    thanks for your help
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    I came to the forum to ask a similar question so I'll just expand on this thread... when I use the XP disk to try to replace ME, it won't let me format the part that has the existing OS. I just can't do it. It tells me (when I try to delete that particular partition in the installation process) that that part of the hd has temporary files necessary to installation. How can I go about erasing everything and starting from a clean slate?

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