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Former Canadian Defense Minister:Paul Hellyer on ET

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    Former Canadian Defense Minister

    what's interesting here?=the guy (Paul Hellyer) changes his mind about 'speaking out' because of the Peter Jennings Special--well....who's to follow?

    The former Defense Minister then reads Corso' s book (Day After Roswell-names names, dates etc. that can be 'checked'--but it's a book 'scoffed at', right?--and then "He contacted a retired United States Air Force General and spoke to him directly to verify Corso's claims. The unnamed General
    simply said: "every word is true and more"."

    <who you gonna trust-ghost busters?>

    "and <the> more" stuff was discussed....

    being (in the military mind-set): ET = "enemy"---
    ergo we need more and better weapons;
    but is ET a 'threat'? Gov's always said no- there's no 'proof'
    that ET's been visiting===(does this 'add up'?)

    What if he's just 'exploring'--found us and finds us 'interesting'?

    but,yet another 'un-named source'==the General.
    But why won't he come forward/out in the 'open'--
    it's the same ol' same ol'.

    Why's Bush really want to go to the Moon?
    (simply because Ruskies can't stop us,and now US will have
    all the Green Cheese)

    Source: http://www.exopolitics.org/Exo-Comment-38.htm
    Michael E. Salla, PhD
    Sept 29, 2005

    I've spoken to the man-he's a Prof. at AU--but this is his 'personal
    endeavor'....and 'in person' it seems his argument is:there's an awlful lot of smoke;no body sees what's going on.....

    He asks questions-and people think he's making statements...wierd.

    another cheesy trap? is Paul just a hell-raiser?

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    I am not sure what the thrust of your post or your opinion of Michael Salla or Paul Hellyer is . But, for any one reading this sort of thing, I would say if you want to see or touch an ET body or a piece of a real flying disk yourself, you are likely, at least for the moment, to be disappointed.

    However, if you start to research and listen to audio recordings of what a few quite prominent and well-qualified people have said, your opinion about evidence may change.

    But, if you think that the moment someone starts talking about any of the topics in this "Scepticism" forum is obviously deluded, lacks scientific understanding, powers or rational thinking and also lacks intellectual rigour etc, then I doubt what I have put down below will be of any interest to you.

    Please see quotes on this page from Former Apollo Astronauts Dr Edgar Mitchell and Former Astronaut Gordon Cooper. By all means check their veracity.


    Lots of audio and video here. You can even see Hellyer's whole speech, if you haven't already.

    As an aside, I prefer to re-analyse some of NASA's own data to produce somewhat different conclusions than they publicly state.

    http://www.cognoscence.net/dev/index.php?session=0&action=read&click=open&article=1125834206 [Broken]
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    Exopolitics Symposium

    I attended the symposium in Toronto with a friend who suggested going. I had expected some vague accounts of aircraft pilots encountering lights in the sky which may or may not be vessels from another solar system. Instead I was presented with assertion that, in at least in some cases, these vessels are alien vessels. Further, that this has been known to portions of different world governments (including Canada and the United States) for many years. I downloaded Steven Greer's Disclosure Project document and read (so far) about a dozen of the 100 or so testaments. The numerous witnesses included radar technicians, Canadian Department of Transport employees, ex-military police (US), British Ministry of Defense officials, a British 5 star Admiral of the Fleet and 5 former presidents. Not to mention the astronauts. I don't see any reason to discredit these individuals. Perhaps it is some sort of mass delusion or perhaps Steven Greer is a huckster who has payed, cajoled or somehow tricked these individuals into making these statements. Even if this were the case (which I don't believe it is), there is enough witness statements to justify looking at this issue with the utmost seriousness, even if it just reveals that the secretiveness and corrupt nature of government has lead to widespread hysteria and paranoia. Of course there is always the possibility that the Ufologists are fully or partially right, in which case there is even more necessity to investigate these matters.
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