Formula for pull force of a ring magnet on a metal rod

  1. Hi,
    Can somebody give me the formula for pull force of ring magnet(permanent. not solenoid or electric) on a metal rod.

    Also is the formula for pull force by a solenoid given below correct. If not let me know the correct one for the below.

    Force = ((N x I)^2 x μ x A) / (2 x g^2)

    N = the number of turns in the solenoid
    I = the current, in amperes (A), running through the solenoid
    A = the cross-sectional area, in meters-squared, of the solenoidal magnet
    g = the distance, in meters, between the magnet and the piece of metal
    μ = 4 x pi x 10^-7
    ^ = symbol that means "to the power of"
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