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Formula For Superconductivity

  1. May 9, 2005 #1
    At research of laws of the nature we actually measure only three parameters – force, length and time. Therefore, it seems rather strange, what for scientists have excluded the unit of measurements of force from the list of the basic units of measurements, and have entered the unit of measurements of mass.
    Other fact from a series of alogisms concerns to a technique of definition of a unit of measurements of force of electric current. The ampere is defined, as result of interaction of two infinite and parallel conductors with electric current. Such conductors in the nature do not exist. The electric current always is closed and, hence, it has concrete connection with space and time. If we shall give for an electric current to operate according to the law of the most favourable power state, it will necessarily take the shape of a ring.
    Research of electromagnetic forces in rings gives a lot of the new and interesting information, which helps to understand laws of macrocosm and microcosm.
    You can see it in our next work:
    http://vlamir.nsk.ru/FORMULA_FOR_SUPERCONDUCTIVITY_e.pdf [Broken]
    This work contains the new facts, which will be useful to those, who studies problems of electromagnetic radiation and substance.
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