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Formula forming for Motion in Space

  1. Jun 29, 2010 #1
    Hello All,
    Noobie question. I am using Meeus' Astronomical Algorithims to create a spreadsheet to transform coordinates. I had no problem with precession, nutation, aberration, etc. But, I don't have as good a math background for Motion in Space.
    I can follow down to the final formulas for x', y' z'.
    I researched further and found Meeus' source in the Sky Catalogue 2000.0 and that really didn't help me either.
    I just don't have the math background.
    Can anyone expound on what I do AFTER I solve for x', y' and z'?

    Any help greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Scott

    P.S. I added a zip of a bmp of the relevent page in the Sky Catalogue.
    In any explaination, please keep my genetic deficit in mathematics in mind.
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