Formula Of Inertia

  1. Hey everyone! I love this site!

    Im doing a project on Inertia and I need to know the Formula. Does anyone know what it is?
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    You'll have to be a bit more specific than that!
  4. The index of your textbook ... "Newton's first law"
  5. F = Ma?
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  7. Is there really a formula for intertia? Isn't it just mass? The tendency for a mass to remain at constant velocity/rest. Mass and/or inertia is like a measure of resistance in a change of velocity. So the higher the mass the more force you need to accelerate it at a certain rate.
  8. Yes.. Inertia is just the property which defines the resistance the moving or a stable object offers towards the external applied force. as the mass of the object increases its inertia increase.. its not quantifiable...
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    I have to disagree there; the inertia for a specific body is definitely quantifiable. A particle's inertia is simply it's mass, whereas one can express the inertia of an extended body as an inertia matrix. Either way, one can definitely quantify the inertia of a specified mass distribution.
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