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Formula Rearranging ~Help Needed~ *Easy*

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    Hey I'm new to the forums. *Claps applauding himself* Anyway exams are coming with Math on Wednesday and I'm just going over stuff. My problem right now is with rearranging.

    V = 1/3(pie)(r)^2h ; h

    The 1/3 is a fraction multipled by pie *ed by r(squared) * h. Finding for H.

    I came up with squareroot(3V/(pie)r = h
    If tats correct I'm wondering why when removing the r^2 by using squareroot that it doesnt affect the rest of the equation on that side.

    Next question:

    V = 4/3(pie)r^3 ; pie

    V / 4/3R^3 = pie (That is what I got)

    Also I see people using some sort of program to write equations out is there anywhere to download this thing?

    **EDIT** My apologies I just noticed the homework help zone after I posted lol.
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    Thanks Alot :smile:

    I wasn't thinking correctly. Previous questions he was getting us to remove squared things by squareroot. I was thinking it was supposed to be done in terms of eliminating the r^2 rather than just dividing by it. Silly me. :wink:
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