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Formula to decide reliability of data

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    If say I was looking for say... a good webhost, and I wanted to search Google for how many positive to negative comments there were, I would not only look for the good/bad ratio, but also how many comments there were in total to express reliability.

    Which formula best expresses this extra factor out of the following three:

    1: (comments - comments^0.5) / comments
    2: comments / (comments^0.5 + comments)
    3: (comments/30) / (1 + comments/30)

    (30 is chosen arbitrarily in the 3rd example). For each formula, a result of 1 is total reliability, and 0 is total unreliability, but other than that, they differ with the values in the middling range 0 to 1.

    The end formula for deciding the best webhost would be as follows:
    (good/bad) ^ ((comments - comments^0.5) / comments)
    (good/bad) ^ (comments / (comments^0.5 + comments))
    (good/bad) ^ ((comments/30) / (1 + comments/30))

    Which is the more 'genuine' formula to use, or maybe another is preferred?
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