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Homework Help: Formula to figure out displacement

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    hi i was just wondering what is the formula to figure out displacement
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    well the displacement is the difference between your starting point and ending point so their is no set formula for figuring it out. It depends on the problem. For example if you had a taxi car driver heading south for 10meters and then he makes a right turn and heads east for 20meters and you have to find the displacement of his trip you would find the hypotenuse of the right triange. And in a different problem.. if you have like the velocity and the time and you need to find the displacement of the trip you could plug it into the velocity=displacement/change in time equation and get it that way through algebra.. but there are many different ways.. sorry im rambling.. if you have a specific question it may help more
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    Since you ask for a formula, this is probably what you want:

    "average velocity" is defined as displacment/time so v= d/t and, therefore, d= v*t.
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