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Formulas For Linear Functions. Can Anyone Please Help Me Understand This Problem?

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    I am stuck. I've gone through all my notes to try and figure out how to do this problem, with no success. Any help would be appriciated. Thank you!

    An insurance salesperson earns an annual salary of $12,000 plus a commission equal to 3% of the premiums on all policies sold. If f(x) is a function which gives her annual earnings, what is the slope of f(x)? What is the y-intercept? Find the equation for f(x).

    The equation I came up with was:

    This is as far as I have gotten.
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    Your equation is correct.

    Note the two numbers in your equation. One of them is the answer to one of the questions, and the other is the answer to the other question.
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    Just a minor detail:
    12000+.03X is not an "equation" (there's no 'equals' sign on it).
    You can call it a function , or an expression.
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    matt grime

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    You also ought to specify what x is (we presume it is the value of the premiums she sells).

    Then of course I'd like to argue that seeing as these quantities are all discrete (she preusmably doesn't sell 120,000.02939430854324359 worth of premiums in whatever currency we're dealing with, and she'll have a funny bank account that goes to more than two decimal places) that the question ought to be excised from the book/homework sheet as being not particularly rigorous.
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