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Formulating a tensor

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    I am new to advanced mathmatics and old to observational science. I have a simple idea that I would like a genius in math to help me with. I would like to know if there is a way to construct a tensor formula going from three to two dimensions? Specifically I think for starters that all three- dimensional mass discrete mass, with exceptions, evenly decays into a two-dimensional free monopole gravitational wave and that time and space are actions and resulting area of this process ( change ).Any Ideas?
    Suppose? I'm correct?
    Anyone want to help, join and solve it?
    Maybe it is easier than I think and I just do not know how to start. Help?
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    Tom Mattson

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    It sounds like you're looking for a mapping from R3 to R2. In that case, it's easy as pie to come up with a formula that does that. Here's one:

    T(v1,v2,v3): R3-->R2=<v1+v2,v2-v3>

    But you're probably not looking for just a formula, you're looking for the formula.
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    thank you

    Your right! I am looking for the formula. But understanding superficially the concept of "How relativity works"and then starting the math, well I figure I'll just work toward the middle. You may seewhile everyone else sees an outside force like dark matter or energy I see an internal or inside force but more importantly it is a process.
    1). It simplifies things, nothing extra. No extra dimensions, no extra forces
    2). It is a process of energy transfer to nonbinding a wave
    3). It comprises only two true forces, attraction and repulsion but an almost infinite ability to bind into matter and transfer dipole waves, radiation, all but one form, monopole gravitation.
    4). It links Quantum mechanics and relativity by a new clear understanding.
    5). It gives an overview as to why black holes evaporate.
    6). An explaination of time and space as two simutaneous unfolding actions of a process not a warpage or a bending or a higher dimension
    7). It hints of an accelerating universe as a simple f=ma formula. Mass decreases into the gravitational wave, and the remaining force being frictionless remains unchanged; the remaining mass smoothly accelerates.
    8). Zero vibration matter without a wave- timeless: infinite vibration- pretime.
    9). Imagine a series of equations that fulfill this Universe that I see with clarity, a feeling that I can't shake so strong that I am doing something that I would bet I would never do. math! I never understood until now that the purest desire is to figure it out to try to understand why? The next question after how? I think I know how. The quest begins....
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