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Fortran 77/90 Compliers

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    Hello all,

    I need to learn to code in fortran 77 preferably or fortran 99 if 77 isn't available easily for a scientific computing course this fall. Does anyone know where I can obtain one of these compliers for somewhere between free and a few hundred dollars?
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    If you are working on Linux, the answer is pretty trivial; in fact, you probably would not have even asked it...

    ...so, I presume you are working on Windows.

    There are choices...for you and since it sounds that you are willing to pay money, I would suggest Simply Fortran ...it cost a few bucks but saves you the trouble of having to collect and install a few things by yourself.
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    Thanks man I appreciate it, just what I was looking for!
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    There's is no "fortran 99", but there is Fortran 77, 90, 95.

    Fortran 77 has a lot of punch card charm, that's somewhat funny, but anachronistic.

    Fortran 95 is a good choice, e.g. because its FORALL statement is very interesting for HPC (High Performance Computing) and being motivated to code PURE from the very beginning is beneficial.

    Assuming you're a student working on a Windows platform:



    If ~$129 is ok for you, take intel.
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