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Fortran 77 command write

  1. Mar 26, 2013 #1

    I'm new using fortran and I don't know what does it mean:

    write (4,*) ' '
    write (4,310)
    write (4,311)

    this lines go consecutive in the programm I have to understand.

    - might say that 4 is not a reference to a line of the code.
    - 310,311 are references about how the format should be

    310 format('Distance C Elec C Sol Surf Liq Pot Solid Pot ',
    &'Liq Cur j main j side 1 j side 2 j side 3')
    311 format('(microns) (mol/m3) x or y (V) (V) ',
    1' (A/m2) (A/m2) (A/m2) (A/m2) (A/m2)')

    I hope someone can help. Thanks
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    All of your write statements send output to unit 4, the first number in the parentheses.
    write (4,*) ' ' -- prints a single space (' ') on unit 4, using a default format.
    write (4,310) -- prints the string in the format statement in line 310, on unit 4. This string appears to be a header of some sort.
    write (4,311) -- prints the string in the format statement in line 311, on unit 4. This string also appears to be some sort of header.
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    what does unit 4 mean? The values will have a lenght of 4 characters?

    yes, i also understood they're a header the other outputs. The second might be the units of the first
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    The unit number indicates which device you want to write to. In this case it would probably be a disk file that was assigned a unit number with an OPEN statement.
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    Thanks for the answer, Mark.
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