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Fortran 77 output bugs

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    I recently inherited some legacy code written in fortran77 which I'm going to be modifying quite a bit, and at this stage I find that I'm continually getting stuck on small fortran quirks... Just wondering if I could get some advice on this particular problem.

    I'm outputting the values of several arrays one element at a time since I'm already looping over all the elements for other reasons:

    Code (Text):
    write(5,101) x(j),z(i),dp(i,j)
    101 format(2e15.5,1e15.5)

    I get some nice columns as expected in my ascii file:
    Code (Text):

    .10790E+03   .92222E+02  .53132E-02
    .10790E+03   .94909E+02  .12401E-12
    .10790E+03   .97909E+02  .43214E-50
    The problem is that the third column occasionally has values that have 3-digit negative exponents and for some reason the E is being left out. So instead of .23414E-200, i'm getting .223414-200. I've tried increasing the number of characters and the number of significant digits in the format statement but no matter what I do, it doesn't print the E for any negative exponent with more than two digits.
    Anyone know:
    1) Why this is happening?
    2) How to get it to print the E?

    Also, I recognize that these are SMALL numbers, and they probably reflect some other problem in the code somewhere. So when I figure that out, I probably won't have to worry about this problem, but it's bugging me that I can't get the E to print with the numbers as is...
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