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Fortran 90: Read in data

  1. Nov 16, 2009 #1

    I need to make a change to an existing fortran 90 program which is reading in data from a file. i seem to have everything up and running but i can't get the format correct when i read in a line.

    Can anyone help?

    the file is as follows:

    * PT 1 0.888 9.777 9.888 *
    * PT 2 0.899 9.677 9.388 *
    * PT 3 0.988 9.767 9.388 *
    * PT 4 0.388 9.177 9.188 *
    and so on

    i need to read in all column not including the *
    its the READ(*,*) i think i have wrong


    i tried changing the format on the way in and still is not right
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